The Wilder Hotel

Our charge was to capture the essence of the city of Louisville  in this five story, 50-room historic building. And not the cliche bourbon barrels or Derby horses, but what it actually feels like to live in this historic city with the warm souls and innovative spirit that started it all to begin with.

We began our research by visiting the local historical society. We scoured antique stores. We interviewed locals from all influences. From there, we pulled together our findings from strategy exercises to establish a story that made sense to personas in and outside of the city. 

We wanted the experience of city streets to hotel sheets to feel seamless in every way. The hotel name Wilder was derived from a local pharmacist who commissioned the building in 1883 and concocted medicinal bourbon bitters during his active years.
Our plan for execution that was direct, apparent and layered in every element. We created one-of-a-kind hand drawn illustrations pulling from nature and themes unique to the state. Typography and lockups are reminiscent of mixed type styles from the late 1800s. The color palette is influenced from the shades of green from the Waterfront Park that lines the river just a block north of the hotel building.

Ultimately, we wanted to convey a feeling of craft and detail that reflected the same care and attention guests would come to expect in the service.

See work done for the hotel’s bar and restaurant here.

This project won a Best in Show 2018 AIGA award and a 2019 AAF Addy award.

Created at VIA Studio.
Branding / Art Direction / Design / Web Design
© 2019 Kelly Scheurich